About Andy Falco Jimenez

Andy Falco Jimenez is a leading professional dog trainer and celebrity. He is also an experienced and popular marketing coach and 9-time bestselling author. In 2015 Andy was hit with the news he had cancer. Although it is prostate cancer and everyone tells you, “Oh that is a good one... you have nothing to worry about” it is still cancer. And he wanted it out and gone. He did not want to have to “live” with cancer. Andy began a series of tests with Kaiser Permanente in Orange County to find out the extent of cancer. The idea was to determine the severity and then determine a plan of action. But instead, mistakes were made, He ended up in the ER and nearly died from a mishap with the procedure. Not once… TWICE! It was at that point he decided to take his health into his own hands. A couple months later he discovered CBD Oil… and it changed his life. Not only did the “side effects” have a positive effect on many other ailments, he began to make money as an affiliate with Hempworx. Not a little bit of money… a lot of money! 


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